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Internet Explorer: Renamed and Improved?

Microsoft is dropping Internet Explorer, new browser - Spartan

I’m twenty-five, and have not used Internet Explorer for personal use since I first got internet in my house back when I was sixteen. I’ve always considered IE to be dead, with the few exceptions of public computers and homes for the elderly. Microsoft, however, has decided to do away with the household name in favor of a browser called Spartan. If you don’t think this is a big deal, you’re wrong.

As you may recall, searching for files in Windows 95 did not involve browsing through your computer’s files. Instead, you “explored” your system within the confines of the Windows Explorer program. When Microsoft started packaging a browser with Windows back in 1995, you were able to “explore” the internet as well. Give it every negative adjective you can think of, IE ruled the world until something better came along. You know, like most things. IE changed the way the internet worked, and set the foundation for future internet endeavors during the late 1990s and the early 2000s. In fact, websites were specifically coded and adapted to be compatible with IE and its myriad issues eccentricities.

Interestingly enough, Google and Chrome, the leading browser, is doing something that is extremely similar to Microsoft’s plan with IE all those years ago. It’s not quite a monopoly, but it’s damn close. It just makes sense to utilize a Google browser, considering you are already using Google search, Google Docs, Gmail, and everything else? Google has managed to do exactly what Microsoft attempted, though they are doing it with what seems like more success. These days, IE is spoken of with the tone usually reserved for an awkward, redheaded stepchild. (I am one. I would know.)

Microsoft is making the decision to drop the name of Internet Explorer, and one can only assume it is in an attempt to be on the forefront of things again. IE has such negative connotation and stigma these days, that it is harmful to have a toxic brand like that.

Microsoft may not be one of the “cool” kids on the block right now, but they’re a pioneer. And they’re back.

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Mother Dick: A Walking Dead “Spend” Recap

Gene Page/AMC – The Atlantic

Eugene shows he is far more brave that one would originally assume, Glenn shows his emotional strength, and Carol shows her craftiness. Oh, and there is the usual blood. This is a recap, so there will be a bit of spoilage. You have been warned.

Noah Dies/AMC

I wasn’t entirely a fan of Noah, though I did admire his tenacity. It would be incredibly difficult to grow up in that world, especially considering everything he has gone through. The writers of the Walking Dead, however, seemed to think he should be done away with. He was killed off in an extremely horrific manner that goes a bit beyond the average bloodshed of the show. Glenn and Noah were trapped in a revolving door amid a pack of zombies. Nicholas’ selfishness got the better of him, and he took off at a dead (ha) run. Noah screamed a final sentence that still haunts me, and is soon pulled to his demise as his he is ripped apart. (The mouth close-up made my stomach hurt.) It wasn’t just his death that got to me, though, but Glenn’s expression as he watched Noah being ripped to shreds. It was punch to the gut for me, and I am curious to see how he is going to handle things emotionally.

Father Gabriel had some internal conflicts when it comes to his religious beliefs, and ended up tearing his Bible apart. I abhor this character and, while he hasn’t had too much screen time this season, he always seemed incredibly cowardly to me and just flat-out obnoxious. His actions in this episode further illustrate and validate my point.

When it comes to internal conflict, Abraham isn’t doing too well either. He did save the day, though, and the life of a woman named Francine. He also gave us the wonderful “mother dick” phrase, which makes me giggle whenever I hear it. I’ll probably use it during an argument one of these days. It amuses me. Or if I am surrounded by zombies. That could work, too.

Back on the proverbial ranch, Rick and Pete cross paths again. Pete turns out to be an abusive bastard, and I really wanted to stab him in the eye with a rock salt-coated knife. Furthermore, I can see why Sam is drawn to Carol. Carol seeks out the abused characters, and gives them a maternal warmth that they so desperately need. It also seems like they remind her of herself, and of how she’s grown as a person in the midst of all the gory turmoil. I think is also part of her and Daryl’s (swoon) bond. Carol is one tough chick, and even bribes children with cookies. I would be curious to see how her friendship with Sam plays out. Will they get close? Would that be too hard for her?

Carol is badass/AMC

Emotional conflict leads up to the deaths, as one would expect. Eugene pulled Nicholas out of a track and defended himself for the sake the party. Even Aiden came around and worked with Glenn before the grand explosion that pinned him to the wall. I didn’t really expect his to come so soon, but I knew he wouldn’t last too long. He just wasn’t that interesting or crucial of a character.

The final scenes told the audience a lot when Father Gabriel, being the asshole that he is, confronted Deanna about the rest of the party. Deanna ended the interrogation with a bit of a hint that she may have considered his lies. Maggie, however, overheard all of this and I am decidedly curious to see what she does next.

Finally, Carol confronts Rick about Pete and gives him an ultimatum – He must kill Pete. She most certainly understands what abuse is like, and I hardly blame her for being so harsh in her judgment. I also agree with her completely.

I am still sad and shocked, though most of the pain comes from Glenn’s expression. It seriously cut me to the core. I’m anxious about what will happen next, and how Maggie is going to change the course of events.

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